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LT technology develops your specification into a product proposal. You can also coordinate with our engineers what your wishes are with regard to the product to be developed or produced by you.

LT can then prepare a specification for you. After your approval, this specification can be developed into a product proposal on the basis of the batch size to be produced and draw up a production plan to produce your product for the most favorable price, depending on the stage of the product. LT technology immediately looks at the design for the most suitable manufacturing method to guarantee the right price / quality.

Naturally, we closely follow the technical development in the production environment such as 3D printing.

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Value Engineering / Upgrade Control

LT technology can subject your existing product to a so-called ‘Value Engineering’ investigation. Your product can then be produced significantly cheaper. The sales department will then be able to make you an alternative offer. Your product is assessed on functionality, manufacturability, quality and cost. More in detail also on uniformity, ergonomics, safety, design, construction principles, material use, surface treatment, mount ability (auxiliary tools required), mounting technique (gluing, screws, welding, etc.), mounting instructions, verifiability, adjustability, functional testability, maintainability and lifespan.

LT technology strives to realize the desired functions in your product under the most favorable conditions. Lodging at LT technology ensures that your product is produced according to the most recent techniques and logistics processes. We take all your chain concerns off your hands, so that you can concentrate on your important core activities.


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